Introducing ECHO, the First Aid Frog…

May 20, 2021


The reasoning behind the idea and wording is all around us acting efficiently the best way we can in order to support and help the casualty when in a first aid situation or emergency.

ECHO will help us to remember what to do in this situation.

Even with the updated guidance that came out early May 2021 from the UK Resuscitation Council, this emphasises on these areas especially calling for the emergency services as soon as possible when in an emergency, as well as shouting for others to help us.

In shouting for others to help, we hope that our voice travels far enough for someone to hear us (ECHO), so that they can assist the first aider and could be the bystander and help we need so that they can make the call to the emergency services and to bring any equipment needed to treat the casualty. This all helps towards not leaving the casualty on their own.

So, keep an eye out for ECHO the First Aid Frog as he will pop up from time to time with first aid tips as well as advice. There will also be ECHO products becoming available soon that can be purchased with money from these products going towards charity.

The creation and designing of ECHO the First Aid Frog has been put together by Lucy Mundy from Socialology – Creative Design and Digital Marketing. I have to say this is amazing work and very pleased with how this has been created, so thank you very much to Lucy from JPF First Aid.