Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 JPF First Aid – Terms and Conditions 

JPF First Aid provides workplace courses certified by Nuco Training Ltd and in line with standards set by the awarding body First Aid Awards Ltd and regulated by Ofqual. Other courses include bespoke courses for school students and to the general public. 

Training Provider – JPF First Aid 


If a delegate is absent for the course or must leave the course for a significant period where important information is missed and unable to catch up, a further charge may be incurred should the delegate wish to complete the course at a later date. This would be discussed with a sympathetic approach and negotiated. 


Should there be any reason for a course booking to be amended, JPF First Aid will support as much as possible in the rebooking of courses on an alternative date. Delegates and businesses are requested to have a few date options available should their first option be fully booked. 


The standard payment term is that full payment is required at the time of booking the course unless otherwise stated or agreed. 

If a credit term has been agreed for account customers with JPF First Aid, the standard credit terms apply, and these are 30 days from the date of invoice or prior to the course whichever is sooner. 

Refunds for cancellations can be negotiated if the booking is cancelled more than 5 days prior to the course taking place. The option of re-booking on to an alternative course will also be offered. The only exception being that for group bookings, an alternative date could be offered at the suitability of both the customer and JPF First Aid being available to carry out the training. This of course will be discussed with the customer as to the available options. 

Where a booking has not been cancelled within the timeframe as stated below, JPF First Aid reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee to cover administration and set up of the courses. Please see the cancellation fees below along with other terms stated: 

• If the course booking is cancelled more than 5 days prior – no cancellation fee. 

• If the course booking is cancelled within the 5 days – 25% cancellation fee. 

• If the course booking is cancelled on the day – 50% cancellation fee. 

• Where a booking has been agreed and payment has not been made in line with the invoice terms as stated above and the customer then wishes to cancel, JPF First Aid reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the administration and set up fees. This fee will also cover spaces being reserved for a course that will then not be utilised by the customer including the timeframe period that the spaces have been reserved for, from the original booking date made and agreed to. 

• Where a booking has been agreed and payment has not been made in line with the invoice terms as stated above and the customer then wishes to amend their booking, payment will need to be made before any amendments can be considered by JPF First Aid. Following receipt of the payment, alternative options can then be looked into to support the customer. 


Certificates should normally be received within 14 days, providing full payment has been received and the delegate has successfully completed the course. 

Refresher Course Requirements 

Delegates who wish to attend a 2-day re-qualification course, must be able to present a valid, in date certificate (FAW) and issued by an approved provider. 

Data Protection 

Your data is protected under the terms of (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Business information and any personal details where these are provided, will be retained by JPF First Aid, in order to administer the booking process, training needs and certification. Where this is detailed, some information is shared with Nuco Training Ltd, the current provider of the HSE qualifications. JPF First Aid is registered with ICO. 

Force Majeure 

JPF First Aid’s responsibility and financial liability shall be limited to the refund of monies received, in the event of a booking in good faith not being available, if it is due to any event beyond reasonable control of the training provider. This includes, without limitation, malicious damage, failure of a utility service, acts of God, war, industrial disputes, protests, fire, flood, storm, tempest, explosion, an act of terrorism and national emergencies. 

Delegate Requirements on all Workplace and Public Courses 

1. Delegates are advised to wear appropriate and comfortable clothing for practical activities such as kneeling over casualties and acting as the casualty during courses (first aid courses only). 

2. Delegates should arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts. 

3. If any delegates arrive late for a workplace course, JPF First Aid reserve the right to refuse them for training where too much important information has been missed and the trainer is not able to go through this information to support the delegate. This will be discussed sympathetically with the delegate as to the actions that can be taken. 

4. If any delegates arrive late for a Public course, as this is a non-regulated course and a certificate of attendance is provided upon completion, the delegate can join at the point of where the course has reached. The delegate may wish to rebook on to another course however it will be at the discretion of JPF First Aid as to whether a further charge may be incurred. 

5. Should any delegate be absent on the day of training, or at any point during the course please see ‘absence section’ of the terms and conditions. 

6. It is expected that delegates attending Workplace and Public courses behave appropriately including language spoken where all members attending including the trainer are respected. Where delegates don’t follow this as requested by the trainer and after the third request, they may be removed from the course, with the trainer contacting the company concerned (on workplace courses) and being informed of the events that have occurred. In either case Workplace or Public it will be at the discretion of JPF First Aid as to whether the delegate will be allowed to join a future course. 

Student Courses 

The trainer reserves the right to halt, postpone or even cancel the session if: 

• Behaviour by the students is persistently disruptive and there is little or no intervention by school staff. 

• There is damage caused to equipment through deliberate misuse. 

• There is any form of abuse towards the trainer and/or the safety of the trainer or students within the training room becomes compromised. 

• No member of staff from the educational setting is present at all times. 

JPF First Aid and Onsite Customer Commitment 

The trainer will arrive in plenty of time to prepare the learning environment before the session is due to commence and will discuss this prior to the day. Please support the trainer in allowing this to happen as this could delay the start to the session. 

Sessions will be for the designated time frame and will be of a high standard of delivery on all courses. 

Internal quality processes ensure that the trainer is observed at least once a year to meet the high standard level of delivery by the training provider JPF First Aid. 

All courses follow the set criteria outlined where applicable as part of the qualification standards. First Aid courses and other courses where applicable will meet and be compliant with the HSE, Resuscitation Council (UK) and the awarding body. 

Student courses at educational settings will aim to meet the Department of Education guidelines to support these settings towards the PSHE curriculum. 

JPF First Aid Complaints Process 

Should any area for whatever reason fall short of the expectation of the customer/delegate, the complaints process can be found on the website at www.jpffirstaid.co.uk or you can request this by contacting training@jpffirstaid.co.uk.