Privacy Policy

The lawful basis for collecting data in order to fulfil obligations to clients/delegates.

  • All customer details that are taken by JPF First Aid, of which will include name and contact information, will only be used for the purposes of processing your course booking. This will include confirming identification and certificate production for the individual. Upon successful completion of the course certification is normally sent electronically to the delegates/clients email address.
  • Contact details are taken to notify of any amendments or changes to course bookings in the event that this may happen as well as to advise and invite when requalification will be needed. It is however optional to provide this information.
  • JPF First Aid does not normally require children under the age of 16 to provide contact details as this is usually managed by the school/educational setting.
  • Medical information may be imparted to ensure the safety or sensitivity to a delegate on courses and where this is required information will be kept to a minimum. It will also not be recorded to a specific individual.
  • Where photographs are taken on adult courses these will be used for marketing purposes and only with the written consent from all those detailed within the photo. This will be stored safely for future reference and then safely deleted when no longer needed. A delegate can also request at any time for an image to no longer be used and have it deleted even when the photo contains other people who may have not requested this.
  • Photographs of children learning first aid will not under any circumstances be taken by JPF First Aid. Photos may be taken by the educational setting that has booked the course and followed in line with their own policies and procedures.
  • From time to time you may be sent offers for courses which may include reminders for renewing upon agreeing initially for these to be sent. Should you no longer wish to receive such communications then please make contact with JPF First Aid to advise and the communications will cease immediately.
  • JPF First Aid will adhere to all legislations and regulations in relation to the processing and storing of personal details (GDPR). This will be used for the purposes of which they were initially requested. Information is shared with Nuco Training Ltd when a delegate is booked on to a course that is provided by Nuco Training Ltd. Delegates are informed on each course when it is related to Nuco Training Ltd. Registration and Feedback forms are provided by Nuco Training Ltd. Feedback usually consists of tick boxes with areas for comments by the delegate. This is made anonymously with no personal details needing to be provided.
  • Delegates may also wish to provide feedback online in relation to services provided by JPF First Aid however this is optional and solely at the delegates discretion.
  • Responsibility for processing lies with the owner of JPF First Aid – John Fogarty