JPF First Aid Working in Partnership with RentaDefib!

Jun 25, 2021


JPF First Aid is delighted to be working alongside Vivienne Nicholls at RentaDefib. Defibrillators are such an important piece of equipment which can help towards saving someone’s life, where RentaDefib makes this more accessible in gaining a device for your location.

Vivienne and RentaDefib, can help provide you with your defibrillator needs, that gives peace of mind from as little as 99p per day.

How RentaDefib differs, is that they take away the ownership of managing the device, as well as having to purchase a defibrillator with a big initial outlay or affecting your capital expenditure, by offering flexible rental agreements to suit your needs and budget. By choosing a rental agreement also means 100% of your rental costs are deductible against your company’s corporation tax.

The packages that they offer include the equipment kit as standard, as well as replacement battery and pads provided at no extra cost, along with a 3D wall sign and defibrillator wall hanger.

Additional add-ons to your package include defibrillator cabinets for indoor or outdoor use where these can be provided locked or unlocked.

For more information or to arrange renting a defibrillator for your company, please contact Vivienne Nicholls on 07922 426310 or by email to