Celebrating their 3rd Year in Business for JPF First Aid!

Aug 31, 2023


This month marks the celebration of JPF First Aid successfully being in business and trading now for its 3rd year!

Starting the business during the pandemic was a big risk to take and especially more recently with the cost-of-living crisis to add to this too. I am so pleased however, that I didn’t stop and carried on with my vision and passion as to the direction of where I wanted the business to go.

It has taken a lot of hard work, courage, commitment and determination to reach where I am today. Yes, whilst there have been a number of challenges aside from those mentioned above, I believe that this has been down to my passion and drive of wanting to succeed, as this has definitely helped a lot.

I certainly enjoy what I do and seeing individuals achieve, especially when individuals may also be overcoming any barriers or obstacles along their journey of learning.

To reach nearly 500 reviews on the We Are Cannock review site, added to this, the 5 awards received to date, has to be fair been overwhelming and still cannot believe these achievements, but at the same time absolutely humble and immensely proud to see the recognition of the hard work that has been put into my business, where individuals are enjoying the courses delivered, being of both value and benefit.

Thank You!

I would like to thank those that have been of support along the way which have included networking events attending both online and in person where I have had the opportunity of meeting great connections and friends too!

This has also included forming effective work collaborations as well as great business partnerships, as this has altogether helped to shape the operations of JPF First Aid and the services that can be provided.

I would also like to thank those organisations, educational settings and individuals who have all booked with JPF First Aid and attended courses or sessions as a result. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible as well as the number of different donations that have been made to the various charities whom JPF First Aid has supported over the past 3 years.